Wednesday, December 4, 2013

36 week midwife appointment

36 weeks, 6 days
Midwife Lindsay

Selfie at work after 97 people out of nowhere, some of which had never spoken to me a day in my life (and i have worked there 10 years) decided today was the day they were going to speak to me and give me unsolicited comments on my stomach, the size of my baby and how this baby was probably coming any second.  FYI, only God and my baby know the answers to these questions.  There really is no need for you to make guesses.  If I wanted your guesses, I would put a jar at the front desk with little slips of paper and pens so you could share with me all the word vomit in your head.  Seriously, just because a girl is prego does not mean you can say anything.  Get that through your heads people!!!!!  Wow, ok, back to the fun stuff.  That was one long caption :)  One more that a double chin????  Please tell me it is the angle!
Soooooo close to this baby's due date. We managed to get our Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving this year.  Glad it is up and glad it is done.  Presents are even wrapped.  Not bad. 

Great appointment with my favorite midwife. Shhhhhhh, don't tell the others. She did deliver Garrett so she is special in that way, but really she is also super funny which is nice in the delivery room if you ask me.  This is the first time I have seen her this entire pregnancy.  
Had to find a way to include a pic of this adorable little 2 year old.  He had school pictures today and I think he is pretty handsome minus the spaghetti sauce stains of course.  Pics were before lunch thank goodness!
I had to do the Group B test today. I got to do it myself. I have never heard of such a thing, but they are midwives and it is a pretty simple test. Don't get grossed out, but if you can wipe front to back....well, then you got this! Results will be back Friday or Saturday so if I go into labor before I get the call well I'll just have to tell them to put a rush on it, but let's not have this baby just yet. It is supposed to be icy and cold this weekend.  I'm planning on staying in by the fire with some taco soup and fudge.  (Again, pretend like you didn't just read the word fudge....Eek!)

The nurse told me about a study the Baylor students are doing for patients in their 3rd trimester. It involves aromatherapy, which I had researched a ton when I was pregnant with Garrett, but never bought because the market is crazy and I never did decide who to trust as far as purchasing. So the midwives sell this kit for $40 and then you use it while in labor and after and then fill out a survey when you come back for your 2 week post partum visit. Sold. It smells good. Now to pack it so it gets used.
The Aromatherapy Kit
Lindsay measured my belly, but she didn't tell me what it was and I didn't think to ask. We listened to the heartbeat. 120-126 so perfect for his age. She felt my stomach and drumroll......this baby is head down and already really low. Yay!!!!! Well, not yay for the really low part. I need another week or so before he comes. Yet again, the car seat is not installed.

Speaking of going into labor, Lindsay asked if I remember everything to do when I went into labor. Ummmm, well, other than breathe and get to the hospital, not really. She asked if I knew who to call. Nope. Turns out it is just the regular office number no matter what time of day. Next she asked if I knew where to go. Again, not really. When I went into labor with Garrett it was after midnight and we just went through the emergency room and they wheeled me up to the right floor, but apparently not everyone's water breaks after dark. So the correct answer is during the daytime, go to the main entrance, give your car to the valet and go inside. Then she asked if I knew who was watching Garrett while we did this whole having a baby thing. Well, again, not entirely sure of that. It will depend on when he comes I guess. Prior to the 21st, we can call my aunt and hope for the best.  Thanks Aunt Lisa!  Then there is always Kendra.  Kendra, if you are reading this, you may also get a call.  Just take him to your house and let him play with the dogs.  He'll be fine!  After the 21st, mom and dad will be here. Here's the cool news. The hospital doesn't have any weird "you can't have kids in your room" rules, so technically, while probably not exactly relaxing in any shape or form, Garrett can come hang out with us until someone has time to pick him up.  Very good information to have. 

Lindsay's parting advice:  don't drive myself anywhere or get in the car if the weather does turn bad this weekend.  Although she gave the same advice a few weeks ago to all her patients when we were supposed to get ice and 2 of her patients ended up getting in car accidents that day.  We didn't even get ice.  People in Texas just drive crazier when you mention ice.  I'm not sure I appreciate the advice knowing she jinxed 2 other pregos, but I already had my car accident for this pregnancy so I should be good.  Incidently it is almost 3 months later and we are still working with the insurance company to finish getting my car fixed and getting our Diminished Value check.  I had no idea it would take this long. 

If you need something shipped to you incredibly fast, have my sister, Becky, order it for you and have it shipped to your house.  Garrett's Christmas gift arrived in 3 days, Blake's present arrived in 2.  Everything she ordered for herself has yet to arrive to her house.  My only explanation:  the drones are practicing on my address.  So they don't have the 30 minute thing down quite yet, but 2 and 3 days is pretty good too if you ask me. 
Blake's present.  Incidently I knew what it was when I went to the front door to retrieve it.  The box was making a lovely rhythmic heart beat sound.  Might need to stock up on batteries.  Can't wait to use it though.  I never had one with Garrett.   
Random notes:
*As of last night I'm officially hungry all of the time.  Maybe it is because he dropped and moved out of the way of my stomach.  It is 11:30 PM and I am really considering an apple, but since we don't keep Peanut Butter in the house because of Garrett's potential allergy it doesn't seem quite as appealing. 
*I haven't gained any weight in the last month.  Take that scale people!
*My ankles are swollen tonight.  I won't take a picture as some people would be more offended by that than my instructions on Group B swabbing.
*I'm secretly scared to death to stay home with a 2 year old and an infant.
*I am still working out! 
*I aired up the exercise ball at home and it is now my chair at the dinner table and currently my chair for writing this post.  Supposedly this is good for helping move babies along. 
*One more week and I'll be working my way through that list of things to help labor start, you know like walking, bouncing, eating spicy food.  Any other good ones?
*Gave up Facebooking for an undecided amount of time.  Need to focus on getting things done.  I seem to be spending more time on Pinterest instead, probably defeating the purpose of giving up Facebook.
*Started reading through all the tests and injections they do right after a baby is born.  So many decisions. 
*Secretly concerned my water is going to break while I am at work.  I think my boss shares the same concern.  She may be even more concerned :)
*Still not sure of the whole circumcision thing.  I get both sides and I see Mark's take, but today I read that there are different ways of doing it.  I need to see which one seems the safest and least painful and then demand that for this little guy.
*I see midwives, so no I have no idea how big this baby might be.  That seems to be a very popular question lately.  Do you know that most of those tests are not accurate anyway?  Do the research, just saying. 

My simplified birth plan:
1.  No drugs/epidurals.  Too scary!  I have a ton of other valid reasons, but I will save that for another post.
2.  No cord cutting until the cord has stopped pulsing or the placenta has been delivered.
3.  Baby goes on my chest immediately.
4.  No tests, shots, creams, etc for at least an hour after birth.  I will let them do the APGAR on my chest at 1 minute and 5 minutes.
5.  I will only let him out of my sight for the circumcision.  They will not be taking him away for a bath and heater this time.  It took way too long last time and that stuff is good for their skin.  If that grosses you out, you can wait to visit once we get him home and have bathed him. 
6.  No hats at the hospital.  They are cute, but unnecessary I have found out.  He will wear this cool crocheted hat a lady at work gave me for his hospital pics because it is that cute. 
7.  I will not let Mark talk me into going to the hospital too early. 
8.  I secretly want to bake cookies while I'm at the beginning of labor.  Why?  I have read so many birth stories that begin with "My contractions started and decided to bake some cookies for the nurses"....  I want Blake's birth story to start that way too. 
9.  Blake and I want out of the hospital as soon as possible.  24 hours is the goal and is a possibility for 2nd time moms.  1st timers are stuck for 48. 

Well, I guess that about sums it up.  Next appointment is next Wednesday.  I think I will make it to that one :)


  1. Cute! I use aromatherapy for my life lol all my cleaners are homemade with different essential oils, I spray our beds with a nice sleeping "potion", I use a special study mix for Cam when she's studying & she takes it with her to class so she can smell it before a test & it helps with memory recall, I use it to treat headaches & allergies, see everything! Lol aromatherapy is the best. If you want more info email me & I'm happy to give you what info I have (& no I'm not selling anything lol I know how that came out! Ha!)

    1. LOL, you just sounded super passionate to me! Yes, I need all your secrets. I'm sold on their uses I just never could decide on a reputable place to buy them.